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L.E.A.F 2023 - June 9th, 10th & 11th

Running over three days in June, L.E.A.F will include:



- Extensive floral installations across the Meatpacking District

- A European Flower and Homeware Market

- Consumer Floral Design classes

- Retail Pop-ups and in-store floral activations

- Brand Experiences

- In-store floral activations

- Epicurean experiences

- Street Music

- Guerrilla ‘Flower-Bombs’ throughout the district



With over 100 collaborators creating bespoke L.E.A.F experiences, our festival is the perfect destination for a day immersed in beauty and nature…all in the heart of N.Y.C.

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L.E.A.F IN 2023

For nearly 100 years a Flower Show existed in New York  - attended by the cities most interesting characters  - President Truman opened the show and F Scott Fitzgerald included in his stories about New York Cafe Society.


At a time where community and the environment are more important than ever L.E.A.F in 2023 provides a platform to have a conversation around nature through a series of curated programs,  bountiful  installations, floral classes, brand activations, retail and epicurean experiences.


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